2003 Statement – PC(USA), p. 617
On Ratifying the Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol
[The 215th General Assembly (2003) approved actions to:]:
1.   Reaffirm the call of the 202nd, 210th, and 211th General Assemblies (1990, 1998, and 1999) for the United States to ratify the Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
2.   Call on the United States government to join in the world effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to develop and enact a national emergency response, underwritten by law, with adequate financial support, and economic enforcement mechanisms, to be fully functioning by 2005, with targeted reductions by that time.
3.   Direct the Stated Clerk to communicate this concern to the president of the United States, and all appropriate government authorities.