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(b) calls particular attention to the 202nd General Assembly (1990)'s recommendation on global warming: "The United States and the other industrialized countries should assist developing countries to achieve the energy sufficiency necessary for the general improvement of living standards . . . [while extending] appropriate technology transfers for pollution control and energy efficiency."7 This recommendation reflects the south's (see Glossary for definition of north and south under Two-thirds world) legitimate demand for a larger and fairer share of global resources, including fossil fuel energy, but recognizes the urgency of global cutback on greenhouse gases. It follows a recommendation that the United States step up research and development of solar energy technologies and hasten its own transition away from dependence on fossil fuels. Enabling the south to meet its needs and yet limit its dependence on fuels that contribute to climate change (while the north reduces its dependence) is extremely important for combining environmental sustainability with appropriate development.5351996